Test Equipments

SUN Meters

DSM01 is a simple Digital Instrument which measures SUN's energy in Watt/m2. This is a vital Instrument for all those who are working in solar energy field. e.g. you can evaluate your panel output based on SUN's energy at that time.


Sun Meter DSM01 (front side)


Sun Meter DSM01 (back side)

Sun Meter with Cord DSM02

DSM02 Digital Sun Meter Model 2, has a sensor with cord. This can be put below your light source and adjust its intensity near about SUN.

» For R & D Institutes working on Solar Cell / Solar Panel

If you are working on any type of Solar Cell / Solar Panel, you use a light source while testing your cell&s I X V characteristics. This unit helps you to measure the light intensity of your light source in Watt/m2. Now you can adjust light intensity around 900 to 1,000 Watt/m2 with all the limitation of IR range. You are one step better while evaluating your Cell / Panel output.

» For System Integrators

Output of any solar panel is directly proportional to the intensity of light source. Solar Panel manufacturer tests all panels in-house under Sun Simulator with light intensity of 1000 W/m2. However, practically Sun intensity on clear sunny day is around 900 to 1000 W/m2 in India. You can estimate output of your Solar Panel / System by measuring Sun's intensity at that time.

» To measure Glass Transparency

Transparency of the glass used in Solar Thermal Flat plate collectors and PV Solar Panels is expected to be more than 90%. If measured transparency of the glass is say 80%, straight way, output of your Thermal or PV Panel will be less.